Can You Hit The Goalie In Hockey?

can you hit the goalie

The goalie in hockey is not allowed to take hits from players. There’s no instance where the Goaltender would be considered “fair game” and susceptible for contact like regular skaters, even if they’re handling pucks outside of their own goal area- penalties will happen anyways.

The NHL rulebook states that in all cases where an attacking player initiates intentional contact or deliberate collision with a goalkeeper, whether the goal is scored- they will receive penalties. When reviewing these plays by referees there seems to be more consideration given for severe types of tackles compared against lighter ones; this could mean stronger punishment if committed again by another athlete. Let’s look at the issue of contact and the goaltender more in-depth.

Contact With A Goalie Outside Of  The Crease

Goaltenders have a special privilege when it comes to playing the puck. they can legally go out and work on their own without getting hit or questionably handled, but there are still rules in place that protect them from being body checked hard by another player while handling pucks at center ice level.

The player is only allowed to use stick checks and physical contact when trying to steal the puck from him or her. There’s no instance where you can hit them away from any possession they may have along boards- not even if it means your own goal.

Why Players Would Want To ‘hit’ The Goalie?

Goaltenders in the NHL have more freedom than any other player on their team. They are able to come out of the goal crease and play puck without fear, which is why it’s no surprise that this position has been called “the most important” by many successful coaches and general managers overtime–including Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving.

Hockey is a sport that relies heavily on strategy. One way to increase your chances of scoring goals, or doing anything for that matter is by getting in the goalie’s face while they’re playing defense and trying not only to block off access into their net but also bumping them every chance you get. It’s all legal as long it doesn’t go too far–and most players get away with these tactics because ultimately what goes around comes back around anyway (or at least we hope so).

can you hit the goalie

When a goalie is touched in any way, his teammates often become very upset and it can throw them off their game as well. The jostling or bumping into the netminder will often result in an own goal for both teams because they know what’s happening is against league rules- but this only makes matters worse. The goalie is a position that requires so much focus. One little distraction could lead to the puck being shot past you, which would cause all sorts of trouble for both team and player alike if not stopped quickly enough -especially in high-pressure situations like during play or when trying to stop an incoming attack on goal.

The goaltender is in an awkward position when he has to save shots. His padding makes it difficult for him to balance while being in contact, which means that players can take more liberties with how they hit the goalies than other positions, would allow them to. Goalies are allowed to freeze the puck outside of their crease, but players would be able to hit them when they do. This makes no sense and it’s tough enforcement against goalkeepers since there is little protection for them in these situations – bodies should never touch an opponent who has possession or control over anything that can change its momentum (puck).

Contact With A Goalie Inside The Crease

Goalkeepers are not allowed to take any hits while in the crease, but there may be incidental contact between an opponent and them. If a player clearly intended on making contact with his goalposts then it will be called goaltender interference (GI). However, if he only makes accidental strikes- usually because they weren’t aware of where each other was going or what had happened before–then none should happen normally; this means no penalties for either team involved.

Of course, it is perfectly legal for players to try and screen the goalie. To do this they will stand in front of their crease with one foot outside while blocking shots from behind them or establishing a position beside him if he moves forward during shooting ceremonies (which happen really quickly). It’s commonly seen here where there might be some pushiness between both parties involved in order to make sure you don’t get hurt.

can you hit the goalie

The NHL has added a video review to determine whether any contact between players and goalies was intentional. If it is determined that players’ intentions were malicious, they will be penalized with an automatic disallowed goal; however, if no Evidence arises from the footage then only normal penalties can apply. The player can go into the crease even if they do not have a puck, but again – no contact with goalkeepers.

If a player is able to get their stick on the puck first before any contact with the goalie can happen. This would mean that they have won possession and are now off for a goal themselves. The input talks about how if someone has been fighting for pucks along boards but doesn’t mention anything else which could make this clearer.

When a player is pushed into his own net, it’s not intentional but can happen by mistake. The defensemen are usually trying to move the opponent away from the front of the goal line and instead push him towards the goaltender that gets caught unawares causing an easy score.

can you hit the goalie

Goalies have a tough job in today’s game. They’re ready to stop anything, anytime, and often get high-sticking penalties for trying their best efforts at play hockey. The players know this too well so they’ll take advantage when given an opportunity by pushing through/around you knowing full well it’s against the rules but sometimes these risks need to be taken if there is a potential reward available – whether its goals scored on goalkeepers or simply getting off scotch quick enough before things turn ugly again with another whistleblowing.


Goalies are not fair game. This is one of the oldest hockey myths, and it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. You cannot hit a goalie when they’re out or in front/behind their net for that matter- there have been plenty of studies on this topic over time with no proven results other than what we already know – which means our friend who says “you can” will come down with an unfortunate injury every now then though his bonehead play continues unchecked.

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