Did Alex Bump get drafted?

Did Alex Bump get drafted? The Flyers traded their fourth-round spot as part of the deal Friday to acquire Tony DeAngelo. Three of the Flyers’ draft picks, from left to right: Alexis Gendron (seventh round), Alex Bump (fifth round) and Hunter McDonald (sixth round).

What team does Alex Bump play for? Share All sharing options for: 2022 NHL Entry Draft: Flyers select Alex Bump at 133rd overall. The 2022 NHL Draft is rolling on and in the fifth round, the Philadelphia Flyers selected forward Alex Bump, a 6-foot left-winger that played some Minnesotan high school hockey last season. WELCOME TO PHILLY!

Where is Alex Bump going to college? 🔶 With our fifth round pick (133rd overall) in the 2022 #NHLDraft, we have selected forward Alex Bump. Former Prior Lake High School forward and University of Vermont men’s ice hockey commit Alex Bump is focused on one thing as he enters the summer. He wants to get drafted in the 2022 NHL Draft.

Where is Alex Bump from? His standout year has him ranked 63rd among all North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting in the 2022 NHL Draft. PRIOR LAKE, Minn. — If you follow Minnesota high school hockey, then you’ve heard the name Alex Bump by now.

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How many goals does Alex Bump have?

Rankings. After splitting the previous two seasons with Prior Lake High School and a secondary league, Alex Bump played a full season in the USHS-MN and flourished. Playing in all 31 games, he recorded 48 goals and 83 points, surpassing his totals of the last two years combined.

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