How Fast Can Hockey Players Skate?

how fast can hockey players skate

Hockey players are some of the fastest athletes on ice. They can reach speeds upwards of 40km/h (25mph), which is only possible for players that have very strong skating skills and fast engines in their cars. The average speed will range between 20-30 km per hour depending upon how skilled you think your player might be; whereas professionals like Mike Richards could easily go faster than 50 mph during an NHL game due to its lengthiness – it typically lasts around 3 minutes plus penalties don’t count against them so there’s no limit as long they want to play hard defense.

How Fast Do Players Skate?

When playing hockey, players will have the highest speed when racing across an ice rink in a straight line. Acceleration with crossovers is what allows them to gain this quickness and make it easier for their body to control while skating at high speeds. With the advancements in skate technology and athlete training, today’s fastest NHL players are capable of speeds upwards of 40 km/h (25 mph).

The NHL All-Star Game has a competition that rewards players for being the fastest on skates. The event, called “Fastest Skater” speed skating time trial around an ice rink of about 200 meters long with 38 holes in it – 24 feet wide and 7 1/2 inches thick. The player’s ability to take corners and perform variations of them is what will make or break their game. It requires more than just pure speed, as this competition tests skating skills around both nets. Mike Gartner long held the record for the fastest lap at 13.386 seconds, set in 1996. For the 2008 World Cup, there was a change in starting positions and an increase of one step. This led to confusion when players checked their times better than Gartner’s record – which he accomplished with a standstill start. Dylan Larkin, Connor McDavid, and Mathew Barzal are among those who have surpassed Gartner’s mark, but there is a debate on who truly holds the record.

Who Is The Fastest?

The debate over who is the fastest skater in hockey usually ends with Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid. He has won three consecutive years of this competition and there’s no telling how high he can go. McDavid is a burner, and on an end-to-end rush in 2017 he peaked at 40.9 km/h.

While Connor McDavid is undoubtedly one of the league’s fastest skaters, he can’t keep up with other players like Nathan MacKinnon and Mathew Barzal who were actually able to beat him at this year’s NHL All-Star Game.

While the NHL is a game of speed, it’s not just about how fast you can skate. There are many factors that go into becoming an elite hockey player including skillset and training regimen; equipment advancements help players reach higher speeds than ever before too. Fast skaters have an edge in hockey because they can change lines and break away with the puck more easily. They also avoid checks, giving them time to get into position for scoring or passing before their opponent does so.

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