How to Wash Sports Jerseys?

How to Wash Sports Jerseys

Jerseys get dirty and sweaty. They’re usually the first to show stains, but we know how important their looks are so our team takes pride in keeping them clean no matter what.

How to wash sports jerseys and keep them looking clean and new? Follow our guide below:

Care Instructions for Sports Jerseys

Here are some tips to help you care for your jersey so it lasts longer and stays clean.

Always wash inside out.  When you load your washing machine, make sure to turn the inside of every garment out before placing it in. This will prevent delicate designs from getting worn or damaged by harsh environments like those found on sports jerseys which are often filled with vivid color patterns and vibrant logos.

Allow to pre-soak in detergent prior to washing. Jersey washing is a time-consuming task. For those who don’t have the space, it can be difficult to get all of your jerseys clean in just one wash without overcrowding or drenching them too much with water which will cause fabric damage from excess moisture getting onto sensitive areas like seams and embroidery details on ball caps; but there’s an easy way. Fill up any plastic garbage bins with enough cold tap water plus detergent so that when you go back home after games/exams etc., they’re ready for another round (or two).

Soaking clothes in a tub or large dishwasher is preferred by some because they don’t have the time to do it manually. It’s even better if you can set up your laundry with detergent sudsing and wait for just enough so that when we resume washing after our break, everything will be nice and clean without needing too much more than what has already been put into them.

Machine wash cold separately or at least with like colors. Jersey colors should be crisp and fresh. If you want to prevent them from running, there are two things that can help. Always wash your jersey in cold water to prevent colors from running and fading. If you want the best quality wear for as long as possible, try washing it with another identical shirt or by itself. You risk staining an item if there are different-colored items inside when they get washed together so be careful.

Never wash with jeans, towels, or items with zippers. You don’t want any of your jerseys to get dirty and worn while they’re being washed, which is why it’s important not only for them not to be paired with clothes that will cause friction against one another during washings (jeans/towels), but also if you need to add an additional rinse or two make sure there isn’t anything containing zippers involved.

How to Wash Sports Jerseys

Never put in dryer. Air dry instead. Know the risks of dryers before you take a chance on shrinking or pilling your jersey. Air-drying is always an option, but it’s also more time-consuming than just putting in some extra effort with washing.

Use a detergent designed to clean jerseys. If you have ever noticed an unpleasant smell coming from your clothes after an intense workout or game, then it’s likely that sweat stains and body odor are the cause. This type of laundry problem can be tough to remove without special detergents designed for sports-related messes.

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