What Is A One-Timer In Hockey?

one timer

Hockey is a fast-paced, action-packed game. A one-timer in hockey when you pass the puck to someone who then immediately fires off an accurate slapshot without stopping play and score goals by hitting netting usually at high speeds.

Why one-timers are so effective

Taking one-timers is a fast, powerful shot that takes the goalie and defends by surprise. The speed of this type of shot makes it very hard to do as well; you also need excellent timing in order for your puck to hit the ice when hitting maximum velocity.

Learning how to take these tips from a practice first will lead up precautionary measures such as knowing where exactly on the net (or crossbar) should land after firing off some great scoring opportunities with slapshots already under control – thirdly there’s no substitute whatsoever if someone has really good aim. When all three lineups, timing, power, and accuracy you get a one-timer that is an incredibly powerful weapon for your team.

Slapshots or Snapshots

One-timers are usually taken using slapshots – when the stick is raised high and slammed into ice, the puck just as it arrives towards you. One timer can also be done from snapshots where there’s no delay in shooting motion (no handling or pause). If all these things happen with one smooth swooping movement; then this would qualify as an easy goal.

one timer

How to improve your one-timer

If you’re a hockey player looking to develop your one-timer move, there are a few things you can do in practice to develop the skills required.

Step 1 – Work on your slapshot

You can’t run before you walk. The same is true with the one-timer; get good at taking slapshots and then move on to scoring goals through this technique.

Step 2 – Short windups

Once you’ve mastered the slap shot, it’s time to work on your short-windup. Have another player pass you a series of pucks or use one of these rebounder training aids so that they can go through what shots are like for them! Practice until each landed perfectly at just the right moment. Timing really does matter here.

Step 3 – Practice

When you feel confident in your timing and power, it’s time to increase the height of your stick. Take a full slapshot from one knee while standing on ice or against an opponent; then try this new skill when opportunities arise going forward.

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