What happened to AJ Quetta?

What happened to AJ Quetta? Quetta, a senior at Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, suffered a spinal cord injury when he crashed headfirst into the boards in a Jan. 26 game against Pope Francis in West Springfield. He was taken off the ice on a stretcher and rushed to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

Is AJ Quetta a quadriplegic? NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Seven months ago, North Providence native AJ Quetta suffered a spinal cord injury while playing in a high school hockey game. He is now paralyzed from the chest down but the injury is not keeping his spirits down.

Can you be paralyzed and still walk? A paralysed man with a severed spinal cord has been able to walk again, thanks to an implant developed by a team of Swiss researchers. It is the first time someone who has had a complete cut to their spinal cord has been able to walk freely.

Is A.J. Quetta paralyzed? Nearly one year after suffering spinal cord injury, AJ Quetta returns to hockey as Bishop Feehan assistant coach. ATTLEBORO — AJ Quetta is returning to the game of hockey. It’s been nearly one year since he suffered a spinal cord injury that left the 18-year-old paralyzed from the neck down.

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Where does A.J. Quetta live?

A.J. Quetta, a senior at Bishop Feehan High School in Attleboro, has returned to his North Providence home, according to a post from his father, Anthony Quetta, that was shared on the AJ’s Army Facebook page.In addition, A.J. has started his rehabilitation work at Journey Forward in Canton, Massachusetts after spending

What is AJ army?

The mission of AJ’s Army is to help provide the long term financial and emotional support to the Quetta Family, as AJ focuses on his recovery from a severe spinal cord injury sustained on January 26, 2021 while playing hockey for the Bishop Feehan High School (Attleboro, MA) varsity hockey team.

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