What Upper Deck hockey cards are worth money?

What Upper Deck hockey cards are worth money? 

The Top 25 Most Expensive Hockey Cards Ever Sold
  • Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee Base #18 PSA 10 — $3.75 million.
  • Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee Base #18 PSA 10 — $1.29 million.
  • Wayne Gretzky 1979 Topps Base #18 PSA 10 — $720,000.
  • Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee Base #18 PSA 10 — $465,000 (2016)

Are Upper Deck cards worth anything? An immediate question asked by many collectors is what their cards are worth. Upper Deck does not put values on trading cards, we simply manufacture them. A secondary market exists on single card and set sales. You can read this story that provides you with details on how you can determine the value of your card(s).

What hockey cards are worth money? 

  • 1912 C57 #1 Georges Vezina – $25,000.
  • 2005 The Cup #180 Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Autograph – $30,000.
  • 1923 V145-1 #25 Bert Corbeau Rookie Card – $40,000.
  • 1951 Parkhurst #66 Gordie Howe Rookie Card – $50,000.
  • 1911 C55 Imperial Tobacco #38 Georges Vezina Rookie Card – $75,000.
  • 1958 Topps #66 Bobby Hull Rookie Card – $150,000.

Is Upper Deck a good brand? Upper Deck

The outstanding quality of their cards sets the standard for the card industry as a whole, and no feature better highlights this than their 1992 Upper Deck Authentication (UDA) program, which was a five-step process that ensured their memorabilia and cards’ autographs were authentic.

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What cards are worth collecting?

Here are some of the most unique baseball trading cards of all time:
  • Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps PSA 9.
  • Mike Trout 2009 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Auto BGS 9/10.
  • Roberto Clemente 1955 Topps PSA 9.
  • Luka Doncic 2018-19 Panini National Treasures Logoman 1/1.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo 2013-14 National Treasures Logoman Patch Auto 1/1.

Does Panini own Upper Deck?

On January 8, 2015, Panini America acquired the Collegiate Licensing Company exclusive trading card agreement that Upper Deck formerly owned.

Does Michael Jordan own Upper Deck?

Upper Deck has signed a long-term renewal with legendary basketball player Michael Jordan for collectibles and memorabilia. Under the new agreement, the company will continue to be the sole producer of authenticated collectibles, trading cards and memorabilia featuring the athlete’s image and autograph.

Who is Upper Deck owned by?

No NFL Properties-licensed football cards from UD in 2010.” Upper Deck owner Richard McWilliam said, “Over the past year, Upper Deck has attempted to negotiate a new licensing deal with NFL Properties.

Does Topps own Upper Deck?

Panini owns Donruss, Topps owns Bowman, and Upper Deck owns Fleer.

Does Upper Deck still exist?

Upper Deck is a highly recognizable brand that achieved massive success from its humble roots. It’s not to say that their trading cards division is non-existent. They still produce cards for the NHL, Marvel, and the Overwatch Esports League.

What is an Upper Deck card?

Upper Deck has the exclusive rights to produce autograph cards of legendary players like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Bobby Orr, Rory McIlroy and others. When it comes to getting the most value from opening packs, Upper Deck is the leader in that category.

Are Jordan cards worth anything?

Price: $645,000

The fifty-seventh card of the Fleer 1986 basketball run is one of the most valuable Michael Jordan basketball cards and probably the most recognized. This card is not rare in terms of quantity, so condition is the primary determinant of value.

When did Topps stop making hockey cards?

The following year, O-Pee-Chee announced that 1994-95 would be its last year of printing hockey cards. Pinnacle Topps announced in 1996 that it was quitting the hockey business after 42 consecutive years of making cards.

Is Panini losing its license?

Meanwhile, the Panini NBPA deal ends in 2025 and Panini’s NFLPA deal finishes in 2026. However, once Fanatics takes over, it seems that the licenses aren’t going anywhere for a long time as the NFLPA deal reportedly lasts for 20 years. It appears that the other deals are also of similar length (15 to 20 years).

What is a Connor McDavid rookie card worth?

A Connor McDavid rookie card has set a new price record among “modern” NHLers at an auction this month, going for $144,000.

What are the best hockey cards to collect in 2020?

Those fans looking into the top 2020-21 NHL rookie cards have several notable choices. The top pick in 2020, Alexis Lafrenière headlines the ’20-21 rookie class. Although his career has not started out as expected, several other key players have also emerged as future stars, including Kirill Kaprizov.

What’s hot in hockey cards?

The Top 10 Fastest Growing Hockey Cards This Month
  1. Wayne Gretzky 1983 O-Pee-Chee Base #29 PSA 7 (+102.32%)
  2. Patrick Kane 2007 Upper Deck Young Guns #210 PSA 10 (+87.68%)
  3. Jesse Puljujarvi 2016 Upper Deck Young Guns #225 PSA 10 (+81.34%)
  4. Mark Stone 2012 Upper Deck Young Guns #239 PSA 10 (+68.52%)

Which hockey cards from the 90s are worth money?

The Must-Have Hockey Cards of 1990-91

How much is a Jagr rookie card worth?

1. $24,999.99 – 1990-91 OPC Premier Jaromir Jagr Rookie Card BGS 10 Pristine. Beckett was right to rank this card as one of the most valuable Jagr rookie cards.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky card worth?

The card was first sold in August of 2016 for a then-record $465,000. Four years later, in December of 2020, the card was purchased at auction for $1.29 million, setting a new record. Five months later, the Gretzky rookie fetched a whopping $3.75 million. There have been other records shattered recently as well.

Which Wayne Gretzky cards are worth money?

Wayne Gretzky Hockey Trading Card Values
1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky $750.21 $301.75
1980 O-Pee-Chee #250 Wayne Gretzky $0.21 $47.90
1980 O-Pee-Chee Super #7 Wayne Gretzky $17.96
1980 Topps #3 Wayne Gretzky $12.03
1980 Topps #87 Wayne Gretzky $10.53 $12.03
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