Who is the hockey guy?

Who is the hockey guy? Shannon Skanes, better known online as The Hockey Guy (THG), is a Canadian YouTuber based in Abbotsford, British Columbia, known predominantly for his daily videos on the National Hockey League. Shannon is well-known for owning over 250 hockey jerseys from various teams, as well as his distinctive video style.

What hockey team do the hockey guys play for? Members of the University of Wisconsin-Superior men’s hockey team do all of these things and more — while being the stars of The Hockey Guys, a popular TikTok account.

What school do the hockey guys go to TikTok? Restricted to their team’s bubble, University of Wisconsin-Superior student Lawson McDonald and nine of his teammates began uploading content to their TikTok account ‘The Hockey Guys’ last fall. Recording clips from moments of their friendship during the waves of COVID-19, their account has more than 300,000 followers.

Are the hockey guys Canadian? 

Let’s take a closer look at the number of Canadian players in the NHL over the decades, where they are today, and how they got there.

Percentage of Canadians in the NHL over the decades.

Year Percentage Canadians
2000 54.8%
2010 52.8%
2015 49.0%
2019 43.5%

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Are NHL players on the Olympic hockey team?

So, why aren’t NHL players at the Olympics? Well, they aren’t allowed to. According to a statement from the league, it’s due to the COVID pandemic. The NHL’s Public Relations team announced the news by releasing the statement on social media in Dec.

How is the men’s hockey team doing in the Olympics?

Team USA men’s hockey is knocked out of Olympics by Slovakia in a penalty shootout. Team USA reacts after losing to team Slovakia in a penalty-shot shootout during the men’s ice hockey quarterfinal match against Team Slovakia at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Are there any NHL players on the Olympic hockey team?

The NHL produces some of the best hockey players in the world, so it would make sense to see these athletes perform during one of biggest athletic competitions: the Olympics. Unfortunately NHL players are not participating in the 2022 Winter Games.

Who plays on Olympic hockey team?

The entire USA Olympic men’s hockey roster played college hockey, including 15 current players
player School POSITION
Aaron Ness Minnesota D
Brian O’Neill Yale F
Nick Perbix St. Cloud State D
Jake Sanderson North Dakota D

Who is on the 2022 Olympic hockey team?

The Canadian team of 25 athletes was named by Hockey Canada on January 25, 2022. The team consisted of 14 forwards (F), eight on defense (D) and three goaltenders (G).


Name Alex Grant
Height 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Weight 209 lb (95 kg)
Birthdate January 20, 1989 (aged 33)
Team Jokerit

Who won men’s Olympic hockey 2022?


How long is Russia banned from the Olympics?

WADA’s ban was shortened to two years after Russia appealed, but it runs through the end of 2022, meaning the country is not officially being recognized at the Winter Games.

Did Russia get kicked out of NATO?

In March 2015, Russia, citing NATO’s de facto breach of the 1990 Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, said that the suspension of its participation in it, announced in 2007, was now “complete” through halting its participation in the consulting group on the Treaty.

How many Russian athletes were stripped of their medals?

Russian athletes involved in most doping cases in Olympic history, with 46 medals stripped from athletes.

What drugs did Russian athletes use?

Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva tested positive for trimetazidine at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

Did the Russian skater fall on purpose?

The Russians may not have forced her to take a fall, but they also didn’t help her to succeed. As a result, the entire free skating event was tainted.

What happened to the 15 year old Russian skater?

The Russian figure skaters were already facing tight scrutiny and international backlash after the 2022 Beijing Olympics. Valieva, a 15-year-old sensation who had been on the senior circuit for only a few months, tested positive for a banned heart medication on Dec. 25 that came to light after the team competition.

What is trimetazidine and why is it banned?

The drug is currently listed as a “metabolic modulator” and WADA prohibits athletes from using the drug in or out of competition. A shift in how the body uses energy could give athletes an edge in competitions by lessening their altitude fatigue and increasing their cardiovascular fitness (Biomed. Pharmacother.

What does trimetazidine do to athletes?

The medication trimetazidine is a metabolic agent that helps prevent angina attacks and treats the symptoms of vertigo, according to the European Union’s medicines agency. It can increase blood flow efficiency and improve endurance — both crucial to any high-end athletic performance.

What is the benefit of taking trimetazidine?

Trimetazidine (TMZ) is a medication used to treat heart-related conditions like angina. It helps metabolize fatty acids, which helps your body use oxygen. The drug allows for more blood flow to your heart and limits quick changes in your blood pressure. This can help lessen chest pain from blocked blood vessels.

Why is trimetazidine a performance enhancer?

Trimetazidine, also known as “TMZ”, is a drug that blocks free fatty acid metabolism and enhances carbohydrate utilization in the heart.

Why did the Russian skater take trimetazidine?

Sun said he was prescribed the drug to treat his chest pains. Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova tested positive for meldonium, which according to The New York Times is a metabolic cousin of trimetazidine, leading to a 15-month ban from the sport.

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