Who owns Providence hockey club?

Who owns Providence hockey club? 

H. Larue Renfroe

Where do the 95 Giants play? The program is operated within the New England Sports Village; however, we utilize a number of other local facilities, such as the Raynham IcePlex and Pilgrim Arena.

Where is Philadelphia hockey club? Hollydell Ice Arena has had tremendous success developing players during its 25 years, and PHC will only accelerate the process.

What league is Philadelphia hockey club? The Philadelphia Hockey Club are a U.S. Junior A hockey team based in Philadelphia, PA playing in the USPHL – National Collegiate Development Conference from 2020 to 2022. The team played in the Hollydell Ice Arena in Sewell.

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Who owns hollydell ice rink?

Jim Mackey, Owner of the Hollydell Ice Arena and Philadelphia Hockey Club, said the arena and club has recently completed a massive overhaul of the arena, including 5,000 square feet of new, permanent locker room space.

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