Why do people say he double hockey stick? A euphemistic spelling of “hell,” referring to each L resembling a hockey stick in shape. “Oh yeah?” said Tommy to the schoolyard bully. “Well, you can go to H-E-double-hockey-sticks!”

Is he-double-hockey-sticks on Disney? The film is based on the opera Griffelkin by Lukas Foss. The film’s title is a common euphemism for the word hell. The film premiered on October 3, 1999, as a part of The Wonderful World of Disney anthology series on ABC.

Is he-double-hockey-sticks a curse word? He-double-hockey-sticks definition

(idiomatic, euphemistic) Hell.

Where can I watch double hockey sticks? H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! Xfinity Stream.

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What does double toothpicks mean?

He-double-toothpicks definition

(idiomatic, euphemistic) Hell. noun.